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Alton, our town,
A great place to live
Working together for the future of Alton
The Alton Society 2014     Registered Charity No. 1077729
For people who care about Alton..

Everyone can be a member of the Society.

It only costs £12.50 a year for two people at the same address - have a look at the membership page now

Join us... “Wherever you are in Alton, you can always see the edges” comment at our 2010 Celebrating Alton exhibition
For how much longer?   View North from Windmill Hill showing part of Alton’s threatened boundary Storm of  planning applications Planning
Newcomers to Alton are amazed by how much goes on here. Just have a browse of the Chamber of Trade and Commerce’s summary of upcoming events.
And don’t forget how much local traders and the High Street need our support in these difficult times.
Try to buy here whenever you can and enjoy the town’s friendly coffee shops, pubs and restaurants a little more.
It is always a pleasant experience.
If you don’t use it you lose it

Delay in Neighbourhood Plan

Our Built Environment Group’s authoritative comments

Town Council unanimously rejects major applications

Inadequate infrastructure

But... New houses desperately needed

Power Rests with East Hants District Council

And... Current legislation favours developers
2014 AGM

Saturday 15 November

The Swan Hotel

Speaker: Martin Small, Historic Environment Planning Adviser, English Heritage
Next Flood Meadows Group

Sunday 17 August

10 am - noon-ish

Inside Tanhouse Lane Entrance

All welcome

Old clothes - hard work - fun