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Alton, our town,
A great place to live
Working together for the future of Alton
The Alton Society 2014     Registered Charity No. 1077729
What are the Society's aims?
To encourage appropriate development of Alton and its amenities, while also resisting undesirable changes.

To stimulate interest in the town’s past, present, and future.

To preserve and enhance features of particular historical, cultural, aesthetic, and environmental importance.

To supply relevant information and advice.

To provide a forum for public discussion.

To advance the Society’s views to the authorities concerned and to the wider community.
Work to "Improve the Appearance of Alton" by lobbying, tree-planting, and monitoring key areas and litter issues.

Participate in  the Alton Town Partnership.
What do we do?
Provide a respected voice representing local opinion on a wide range of issues.

Facilitate activities and initiatives to lobby for or against issues which impact on Alton.  

Comment on and if necessary lobby for/against planning applications.

Produce a quarterly newsletter widely read which reports on current topical issues concerning Alton.

Conduct physical conservation activities in Flood Meadows monthly to ensure this wonderful facility is kept open and enjoyed by all Altonians.

Advise the Town Council on tree preservation matters.

Maintain a pro active committee which represents the views of Society members and is considered in the wider community as being of benefit to Alton.

Make an Annual Award to an Altonian who has contributed significantly to the town.

Make the annual John Ambrose Award for good building development, new or restored.
Examples of what we have recently done:
Initiated a Local List - a register of architecturally and historically interesting buildings not already Graded I or II.

Contributed to the definition and implementation of an Alton Town Design Statement.

Represented Alton’s interests with reference to the South Downs National Park.

Contributed to definition of the Core Strategy which is part of the new Local Development Framework and replaces the old Local Plan.
Tree Planting project - Town
Mayor plants outside Fire Station
while Norman Isham supports.
Tree adviser Jim Dickinson
behind mayor
Constitution. Trees for Life Book.
Business Plan 2012-15.