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The Alton Society 2015     Registered Charity No. 1077729


There has been a close working relationship between the Alton Society and East Hants District Council (EHDC) and more recently Alton Town Council (now responsible for the area) concerning Flood Meadows issues for a considerable period of time.  The result of this partnership has been to deliver and maintain an outstanding recreational facility whilst preserving the natural aspects of























grass/woodland and the (now disused) water cress beds.  It is the overarching intent of the Alton Society, which is believed to be supported by the people of Alton, to maintain the balance of recreational and semi natural woodland, grassland and riverside nature of Flood Meadows (a piece of the countryside in the town).  It is not the intent that this facility becomes another town public gardens with manicured trees and lawns.


Conservation work in the area is conducted by a loyal band of volunteers who meet on the third Sunday of each month at the end of Tanhouse Lane at 10 am for a 2 hour session of conservation.  This is usually followed by refreshments and a chat for anyone who would like to stay on for a few minutes afterwards.


Anyone interested in attending can just attend without warning on a Sunday or even better contact Martin Gibbs (the coordinator) on 01420 86449.

Flood Meadows Volunteer Group